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Inspired by the teachings of HDG Srila Prabhupada, The Founder Acharya of Iskcon ; HKM-Hyderabad initiated the Bhojanamrita program which supplies free  food  to all the attendants and workers in almost 25 hospitals around Hyderabad.The basic idea behind the whole program was to supply free food to all the attendants who generally come from poor families and they are barely able to afford for a day’s meal also. When the attendants are nourished they would be able to take good care of the patients and hence the whole process would go on in a very nice and smooth way.This food is not ordinary food but it is prasadam directly offered to the Lord and hence this food would not only quench the hunger but also spiritually elevate them to higher levels.

Vedas mention that

  • By eating sanctified foodstuffs one’s very existence becomes purified.
  • By the purification of existence finer tissues in the memory become sanctified, and
  • When memory is sanctified one can think of spiritual advancement.