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Our Temples

Special Features of The New Temple Project


  1. This temple will be the 1st Green Temple of Telangana and probably in the country. Green rating will be given by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council)
  2. This temple will also be called as Anna-Kshetram of Telangana because of implementing Nitya Annadanam Program in the temple (3 times in a day, All 365 days: Break-Fast, Lunch & Dinner)
  3. This temple will be called as Mantra Yoga Peeta of Telangana because of two reasons
    1. Constant chanting of Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra going on in the temple
    2. Every temple visitor will be given an opportunity to learn Hare Krishna Mantra Meditation
  4. Car Parking: There will be facility to park 700-800 cars
  5. Vaidika samskara Halls are provided for : Upanayanam, Anna-Prasa, Namakaranam, Mundanam, Garbhadhana etc.