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Folk Trip to Ahobilam
Oct 3rd 2014

 Hare Krishna Movement, Hyderabad has organized a devotional folk trip to the holy Nava Narasimha Swamy Kshetra, Ahobilam. A group of folk boys along with temple devotees have started for dham on the evening of Friday, Oct 3rd. Over Saturday and Sunday, all the devotees visited various ancient temples glorifying the lord with sankirtans. While Bindu Madhava Prabhu explaining the pastimes of the Supreme Lord as Lord Narasimha dev and his appearance, all the folk boys have realized the greatness of the Supreme Lord and experienced devotion. Overall arrangements were overseen by Mukunda Prabhu and Ayodhya Pati Prabhu has lead the sankirtan through out the trip with ecstatic kirtans and mrdanga.

Folk boys experienced a sense of devotion in the holy dham and took commitments to do chanting and reading seriously. Some of the pictures taken while in pilgrimage are below.