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Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Kshetram

The Appearance of Arcā-avatāra


The Deity form to be worshiped may be constructed of any one of eight substances—stone, wood, metal, clay, paint, sand (drawn upon the ground), the mind or jewels. Lord can manifest as arca-vigraha in this material world by himself or through a deity installation process authorized by vedic scriptures in which the deity is made out of one or more among the above mentioned eight substances. When the lord manifests in a deity form by himself, he is known as svayambhu avatara, whereas when installed, he is known as pratistha avatara. The present temple here has the svayambhu incarnation of the lord known as Svayambhu Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy.

Worship of Arcā-avatāra


Worshiping the Deity form of the Supreme Lord automatically brings purity and satisfaction to the mind. The Supreme Personality of Godhead himself explains the process and importance of deity worship in the twenty seventh chapter of eleventh canto in Srimad Bhagavatam. There are three varieties of arcana, Deity worship, based on the original Vedas, the secondary tantras, or a combination of these. The Deity image, the ground, the fire, the sun, the water and the heart of the worshiper are all true locations of the Deity’s presence. Srila Prabhupada often gives the example that ‘when you put your mails in a box in the street, because it is written there U.S. Mail, you know that it is authorized box. And if you put your letters within this box, it will surely reach the destination. The post office will work. So there is no difference between the huge post office building and that small box because it is authorized. Similarly, the difference between idol worship and Deity worship is like that. Unless authorized process is accepted, it is idol worship. That is the general rule. If somebody thinks that “There is a box, red and blue, on the street. Why shall I go to that box? Let me have similar box at my door and it will be cleared by the postman because it is blue and red,” that will not be so. Because the box which you put at your door, that is not authorized.’

Deities of the Temple


The Lord appeared as a self-manifest deity (Svayambhu) along with His eternal consort Sri Lakshmi Devi. The uniqueness of this temple is that the Lord & His consort are in a self-manifest standing posture which is very rare. The Lord appeared in two-handed form armed with Sudarshan Chakra in his right hand and a Conch shell in his left hand. Mother Lakshmi Devi is mercifully showing her abhaya hastha and blessing all the devotees who come here to have a glimpse of divine couple. Lord Narasimhadev, who originally appeared in a fierceful mood to protect the devotee Prahlad Maharaj, appears blissful here with his divine glance. The complete svayambhu murthi here is decorated with a gold coated plating by which the ornament itself appears to have increased its beauty by being used for the Lord.