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These classes are conducted by well versed scholars from IIT’s and NIT’s, who in their daily lives practise these principles and live according to these priciples and practically show to the society , how happy and peaceful we could be by following these principles.The contents for these sessions are organized in such a way that immediately the youth would get attracted to these teachings as we teach people how to implement these principles in today’s practical life.These sessions are conducted in the major colleges across Hyderabad like IIT , JNTU , etc so that the students can take advantage of these principles and immediately get adhered to it and become happy and peaceful in their lives and hence get immensely benefited out of it.Also regular Bhagavad Gita classes are conducted in all the major areas throughout Hyderabad so that the localites could take advantage of it and hence march forward very happily in their lives.

It is said that Youth is the backbone of this country, but we see that almost all the youth of this country is engaged in some sort of sinful activity in their very early age hence there is so much unrest faced by people which is leading to lots of problem in this society.HKM-Hyderabad has taken up the task of amending the youth of this country for the future welfare of the entire society by conducting regular sessions on the Vedic Literatures like the Bhagavad Gita and the Srimad Bhagavatam which gives perfect directions of how to lead a very happy and peaceful life and hence in the end attain complete perfection by attaining liberation from this material world.